Get to know more about the people behind Podkesmas

The Founders

Ananda Omesh

Ananda Omesh

Chief EXECUTIVE & Brand Voice

Omesh, as people like to call him, has 15 years of experience in the creative business as an actor, comedian, presenter, entrepreneur, and podcaster. His great mix of creativity and hard gut on business has created multiple successful activities and shows. He has won 7 awards from multiple organizations such as Panasonic, CIMB and Nickelodeon​.

Imam Darto

Imam Darto

Chief Creative Labs

Darto is an actor, comedian, presenter, director, producer, screenwriter and podcaster. He has 13 years of experience in audio and visual creative. He is best known for his radio show on Prambors which gave him Yahoo Celebrity Awards for Best Radio Show in 2014. Darto also created one of the most successful talk shows in Indonesia “The Comment”.

Surya Insomnia

Surya Insomnia

Board of commisioner / founder

He got his nickname after becoming a VJ of an MTV show titled ‘Insomnia’. Surya has 10 years of experience in the audio and visual industry. Now, he’s hosting multiple daily shows on primetime TV.

Angga Nggok

Chief Of Operations

Angga has 20 years of experience in the creative audio industry. He is a comedian, radio figure, presenter, and podcaster. He passionately manages operation from ground up for Podkesmas Asia Network.


Sogi Indra Dhuaja

DIRECTOR storyteller partnership

Being in the Radio industry for the past 25 years (and counting), has led Sogi to an even broader production and creativity area. Well experienced on and off stage, now Sogi is exploring the podcast ecosystem.

Benny Zuniar


Benny Zuniar is a former majors record label executive (Universal Music & Sony Music), pop culture enthusiast who co founded the biggest boyband in Indonesia SM*SH and grew the business to dominant market share & highly profitable content