Balada Onggok Si Anak Durhaka

Drama komedi original Spotify persembahan Podkesmas Asia.

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Onggok the Disobedient Boy: A Ballad. A story that breaks all norms, about love, friendships, and betrayal. About four friends who got lost in the magical forest. With series of mystical happenings, Onggok was cursed and turned to a Golden Toilet. Will his three friends return Onggok to human?

Voiced by future award-winning actors, Angga Nggok, Tora Sudiro, Yuki Kato, Ananda Omesh, Imam Darto, and Surya Insomnia. Also with Cak Lontong, Desta, Asri Welas, and many other (almost) famous. Narrated by Bintang Emon, and directed by Imam Darto. For 18+ only, original and exclusive in Spotify, presented to you by Podkesmas Asia. Streams every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.


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