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Interesting Facts on People and Podcast in SEA

A minimum of
44 minutes

Daily Consumption

10 top ten list

Global Unique Listeners

3rd Largest

Anchor users in the world


Of internet users have listened to a Podcast


People connected to the internet listen to Podcast


SEA Est. 300 Million Audio Listener

What Gen Z’s and Millennials Says


of Gen Zs and Millennials say they use audio differently depending on where they are, what they’re doing, and who they’re with.


of Gen Zs and Millenialls say new audio formats are one of the greatest ways to tell stories and they think it has the power to enhance people’s lives.


of Gen Zs and Millenialls listen to podcasts at least once a week in Indonesia

How Do We Help Brands and Partners?

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Storyteller Read Endorsement and Awareness

Leveraging the trusted Voice of the storyteller to deliver your scripted brand message to drive awareness, affinity and familiarity

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Custom Content

Align your brand value and messaging with our custom developed and produce audio commercials that feel like in-show content

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Beyond Audio

Leveraging our creative strength to expand your presence beyond the audio format

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Licensing and Distribution

Potentially leveraging our IP’s to grow your platform or brand through exclusivity

Worked With More Than
30 Big Brands