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5 Podcast yang Bikin Wiken Makin Hore

Wiken yang ditunggu sejak Senin yang kering kerontang sudah dekat! Mau jomblo, mau taken, mau lagi jatuh cinta atau patah hati, mau nongkrong di luar

Pioneer Ekosistem Podcast di Indonesia

Podkesmas Asia Network didirikan oleh Ananda Omesh, Surya Insomnia, Imam Darto, dan Angga Anggok tahun 2020. Setelah Podkesmas booming berat, keempat laki-laki ini sepakat untuk

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Hi! We’re Podkesmas Asia, an IP, Audio Storyteller Network, and Tech company based in Indonesia with a global mindset.​

Our mission is to produce, entertain, and delight storytellers and listeners in an immersive world of storytelling.​ As the most listened podcast network in Indonesia, with over 100 million streams combined, we deliver audio stories through insightful, entertaining, friendly, dramatic, even suspense podcasts.​

Collaborating with Indonesia’s most talented podcasters, we take creation and business to another level of the new audio era.​

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